Are Massey and Harris playgrounds and play equipment environmentally friendly?

The team at Massey and Harris are hard-wired to use the best quality materials for our playground equipment. This helps us meet important durability, safety, and environmental friendliness targets. Here’s an overview of how we make Massey and Harris playgrounds and play equipment environmentally friendly and as sustainable as possible.

The best materials in the best way

We recommend the best materials for our playground equipment, considering factors such as strength, durability, and safety. 

Our team conducts extensive research and stays up-to-date with advancements in material science to select the most suitable options. We take into account the specific requirements of each project, including site conditions, climate, and anticipated usage, to ensure optimal material choices. 

Quality timbers and steels

For our playground structures, we prioritise the use of high-quality timber and steel. We source timber from trusted suppliers known for sustainable forestry practices, often from North Wales. This ensures that the timber used in our playgrounds is both durable and responsibly sourced. 

Our steel components are sourced from reputable manufacturers within the North West, maintaining high standards of quality and performance.

Durability and longevity

By selecting materials with excellent durability, we aim to minimise the need for frequent service, maintenance, and replacement. Our playground equipment is built to withstand the rigours of outdoor use and resist environmental factors such as weathering and wear. 

By choosing materials that last longer, we reduce the overall environmental impact associated with the manufacturing and disposal of playground equipment. 

Sustainability benefits

Opting for materials that offer longevity and require minimal maintenance brings significant sustainability benefits. It reduces the consumption of natural resources and cuts down on waste. 

By creating playgrounds with long-lasting materials, we contribute to a more sustainable future and ensure that the play equipment remains enjoyable and safe for years to come. 

Environmental friendly considerations

Alongside material durability, we are mindful of the environmental impact throughout the entire lifecycle of our playground equipment. We strive to minimise waste generation during manufacturing, prioritise recycling and responsible disposal practices, and actively seek out materials with eco-friendly characteristics. 

Our goal is to create playgrounds that are not only safe and engaging but also environmentally conscious. 

At Massey and Harris, we understand the importance of selecting materials that prioritise durability, quality, and sustainability. We are committed to delivering playgrounds and play equipment that are environmentally friendly, that are built to last, ensuring years of joyful play for children while promoting sustainable practices for a better future.

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