Dilly the Snail

The Challenge

Manchester City Council had considered installing a city centre play area on a number of occasions but had never received a design deemed suitable.

The play area was compact with significant services under the site posing a number of installation issues as well as the expectation of an extremely high pedestrian footfall in the area.

The Result

‘Dilly the Snail’ was designed specifically for the project in stainless steel with upgraded bearings to deal with the extremely high use that the area was expected to get.

Artificial grass was chosen as the surfacing solution based on the very high pedestrian footfall anticipated in the area.

‘Dilly’ was the result of looking at architectural shapes and ways of creating interesting lines that were visually quite simple, whilst creating a piece with play value that was relevant to the garden. ‘Dilly’ was compact enough for the site but large enough to have the visual impact that we were looking for.

‘Dilly’ is perfect for younger visitors but, at 1.6m, is large and exciting enough for older children too.

A set of simple ‘Snail Eye’ grab bars complete the visage while adding an extra element of play.