The Challenge

The wheelchair roundabout has been a staple product for Massey and Harris for over 8 years. Whilst we have a standard, ready to go design; we developed the idea further to make the product range adaptable. The Wheelchair roundabout has a chassis with set fixing points for the top frame to connect too. With this, a customer can have the top frame customised to any shape, or seat configuration that they require, and we can adapt this to fix to our predefined chassis.

The Result

The beauty of having this system means that whatever requirement is needed from the customer can be added to the wheelchair. If they require little seating, we can omit this, and have a perimeter rail only. If they would like to have more seating, we can add seating points to every rail, or have a continuous run of seating. We can also have curved rails offering a more contemporary feel to the play unit. If you’d like to find out more about how we can customise our wheelchair roundabout, then please contact the product team on 0161 480 5243 for more information.