Bespoke interior slide adds fun and style to family home


Imagine wanting a super cool slide in your house – not just any slide, but one that goes from the top of the house through to the bottom, connecting floors in a whirlwind of fun. That’s what a playful family in East London had in mind when they contacted Massey and Harris.

But there was a twist: their house was on a busy street, making access tricky. The slide had to be special – not only impressive in it’s aesthetic, but also designed to fit through their front door.

Challenge accepted! Our design experts at Massey and Harris put their heads together to create a slide that both compact and incredible. We squeezed a lot of fun into the design, making sure it would fit perfectly within the home’s layout while giving the family the “wow” factor they craved.


Massey and Harris designed and manufactured the 4.9m-high stainless steel tunnel slide to allow it to pass through to the ground floor.

As the installation was in someone’s house, we had to ensure it looked amazing. The inside of the slide got a cool, polished finish, while the outside of the slide was powder coated to match the paint scheme of the play room. To further accent the design, we added two windows that flooded the inside of the slide with natural light and allowed light into the playroom.

We also designed a special hidden support bracket to avoid any bulky posts, keeping the slide sleek and stylish.


The slide not only enhances the interior of this beautiful, chic home, it also delights the family and adds a fun yet stylish element. There is even a bell to indicate the coast is clear at the bottom of the slide allowing the next person to whizz down with confidence.