Blossoming into fun: RHS Bridgewater’s Play Area


Massey and Harris were awarded the contract to design, manufacture and install the new play provision at the new RHS Bridgewater site in 2021. It became the RHS’s fifth national garden and it’s first in the North West.

The aim was to create “an exciting wild adventure play space set within the woodland glades.” It was imperative that we also utilised material on site within the play area and to maintain a hand crafted approach.


Massey and Harris created the “Play Wild” mantra for the project. The intention was that children can take over the area and create their own play opportunities in the forest. The play area is set in Middle Wood, and is an inspiring adventure play space that champions all aspects of “wild play”.

We designed various pieces of equipment and merged these into the surrounding areas. We designed a low ropes course amongst the sycamores, a hide and seek trail around the rhododendrons and beech trees and added basket swings and clambering frames in the open spaces.


The result is an amazing play area set in gorgeous surroundings. There’s plenty of play options that are sympathetic to their surroundings. The play area changes through the seasons due to the considered planting through the area.

The play area isn’t defined in one area and is spread over a wide space offering the opportunity for children to play in a quiet space or share play with other children on the feature play pieces.