London playground inspired by Gasworks created in Green Quarter Central Gardens, Southall


Massey and Harris worked alongside artist Mel Chantrey to turn conceptual drawings provided by Mel into various pieces of play equipment.

The various sketches provided by Mel were taken and developed to ensure that the pieces of play equipment could be manufactured and compliant to the relevant play standards.

Green Quarter Central Gardens is located in Southall, London. The area is steeped in history. In 1839, Brunel opened the Great Western Railway Company, and in 1839 the Gasworks were constructed by Brentford Gas Company. Further Gasworks were constructed on the site during the 1930s.

In 2014, the Southall Big Plan is published. This is a blueprint for what the future of the Southall Gasworks site will be, including the development of the area and how it’s open spaces will provided space for all to enjoy.


Massey and Harris created various pieces of bespoke play items with a centrepiece rope climber known as the “Vortex Climber”.

The Vortex Climber is a unique play item, which has subtle nods to the area’s history.

On all pieces of play equipment, there’s subtle design details that allow the equipment to fit into the area seamlessly. The details also offer a link to the area’s Gasworks history.


Following on from completion in July 2021, the people of Southall and the wider community came to enjoy the opening of the Central Gardens to the public in August 2021.

The opening of the Central Gardens is the first phase of a 500m long park within 4.5 acres of accessible open space for resident’s and the local community to enjoy.

The playground has been warmly received by local residents and has allowed children to play in stunning surroundings of the newly opened park.


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