Riding the wave! New play area at South Street, Rochdale


Massey and Harris were awarded the contract to design, manufacture and install new play equipment at South Street, Rochdale.

The brief was to design a boat themed play area with various stimulating and interesting play elements.

We were able to rise to the challenge and we designed a true centrepiece play unit that will be able to stand the high seas and provide lots of play opportunities.

The scheme also required engaging surfacing, with graphics and supporting pieces of play equipment that tied in with the nautical theme which you can find out about by reading on…


Massey and Harris set out on a voyage of discovery when finding inspiration. We wanted the play unit to be packed full of play, be robust enough to ensure little to no maintenance, and for it to also sit comfortably in it’s environment.

The main ship play unit was split into three with a front and rear section and a crows nest that allows children to look out to see to maybe spot pirates on the horizon. There’s various portholes and look outs and a crawl tunnel which goes through the play unit. To cap it off, there’s a talk tube that goes from the captains wheel all the way to the front of the ship! Ideal for giving directions to find that missing treasure!

We also manufactured supporting pieces of play equipment such as a whale springer, a fully working periscope and a wave shaped seesaw.

All of this was complemented by nautical themed wet pour to represent the ocean, the beach and items such as anchors, starfish and other sea life.


The design of this play area has been greatly received by residents, the council and most importantly, the children!

The wide range of equipment has meant that a wide range of children are able to explore and enjoy the area and the nautical theme really sets the whole play area off. The equipment offers a wide range of challenging and exciting play options for children too.

If you’re looking for a bespoke solution to your play area or would like the ship to dock in a play area by you, get in touch with our team.