Rising Above the Waters: A Playground’s Journey from Flood Devastation to Joyful Renewal at West Gorton Community Park


West Gorton Community Park is the first of it’s kind in Greater Manchester and is now setting the standard for similar parks across Europe.

The area was informally titled the “sponge park” in it’s efforts to help tackle climate change. There’s numerous initiatives in the park to help with this. The park is split into three areas each with their own specific task. The area towards the south was to have more resilient play equipment should the area flood.



We were approached to provide swings that would be able to withstand the possibilty of flooding, but be sympathetic enough to fit into the area.

We had the ideal solution. A first for us, and one that we were very excited to roll out. Timber effect powder coating. We manufactured a steel swing frame, but instead of powder coating it in one of our standard RAL colours, we applied a new finish to it. There are 15 timber patterns available, all with various colours too.

We complemented the swing frame with a stainless steel cross beam, which further enhances the visual appearance of the swing unit.


The end result for the project was a clear demonstration in how material technologies can be used to make even play equipment perform at a high level.

The client was impressed that we could provide something that fitted into the environment, yet offered superior performance in a challenging day to day application.

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