How experienced is Massey and Harris in playground design and construction?

At Massey and Harris, we are proud to bring extensive experience and expertise in playground design and construction. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record in creating exceptional play spaces. 

Operating for more than thirty years and a proud member of the API, here’s why you can trust our experience.

Decades of accumulated play design experience

We have been in the playground design industry for several decades, accumulating a wealth of experience over the years. Our team has worked on numerous projects, ranging from small community playgrounds to large-scale recreational areas. 

This depth of experience allows us to understand the unique requirements of each project and deliver outstanding results. 

Our dedicated 4-step process

Our dedicated 4-step process (see What is the process for designing and manufacturing a playground?), demonstrates our systematic approach to playground design and construction. 

We have fine-tuned this process to ensure efficiency, creativity, and attention to detail at every stage. From handling initial enquiries to presenting the final concept, our process guarantees a smooth and collaborative experience for our clients. 

Expertise in design software

We utilise industry-leading design software tools such as Solidworks, AutoCAD and 3DS Max. These CAD packages enable us to create precise and detailed designs that accurately capture the vision of our partners. 

By using these software programs, we can provide 2D and 3D visualisations, detailed plans and general arrangements to ensure our clients have a clear understanding of the proposed playground design.

Hand-crafted expertise

While we draw on the latest cutting-edge technologies, we also value the artistry and craftsmanship of hand-made components. Our skilled fabricators and manufacturing team bring years of experience to the manufacturing process. They meticulously craft each piece of playground equipment, ensuring exceptional quality, durability, and attention to detail. 

This combination of traditional expertise and modern design techniques results in playgrounds that are both aesthetically pleasing and safe for children to enjoy. We take great pride in our experience, which encompasses decades of accumulated play design expertise, proficiency in industry-leading design software, and a dedication to hand-crafted excellence. 

Our team is passionate about creating engaging and safe playgrounds that inspire imagination and promote active play. When you choose us as your playground design and construction partner, you can be confident in our ability to bring your vision to life.

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