Massey and Harris partner with Numuga

Massey and Harris are proud to announce a brand new partnership with Numuga.

Numuga is a space where you can play 10+ sports in the same space at the same time. No cages, just open and approachable spaces to play. Numuga appeals to all people, regardless of age and ability. Numuga creates zones that are fun and inviting for beginners, yet hone the skills of experience players. Sporting beginners and experienced athletes have never been able to utilise the same space ever before, and get something out of it. The modular system behind Numuga allows it to fit into any size or shape of area.

Numuga is a gateway for beginners and a practice area for experienced players. Numuga allows for a more freestyle type of play, where people can learn the basics of sport without necessarily taking part in match format. Learning how to pass, control, catch, throw and aim are key skills that can be transferred to multiple sports. Yet, aspiring player can continually practice on their own or in groups. Ball sports don’t tend to be played by individuals on their own. Now they can, being constantly engaged whilst exercising.

Massey and Harris are the exclusive manufacturer of Numuga and are allowed to manufacture Numuga in an exclusive agreement with Numuga.

If you’d like to find out more about Numuga, please contact our Product Team on 0161 480 5243