Massey and Harris Product Datasheets and Website Update

Over the last few months, we’ve been updating our datasheets and supporting information in regards to our standard products. The new datasheets have had a refresh and provide all the key information in an easy to read format. This allows you to find all of the relevant information quickly and easily.

All of our datasheets will be uploaded to our website over the next few weeks and will also be available on Dropbox as a direct download.

You’ll also start to see some changes happening on our website over the next few weeks too. We’ll be updating the information on our product pages and providing more in-depth information on each product. The product page will have a downloads section, where items such as DWGs, CAD models, renders and datasheets will be available for each product.

We’ll also be adding new UI options such as search functions allowing you to find our products quicker by using our product code or name. The site will also be easier to navigate with the addition of new menus.

Finally, you’ll also start to see more updates from us on the social side as we start to share content that we’ve been working hard to create. You can find us on all of the main social media sites

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