1.8m Cone Climber - 9010

The 1.8m Cone Climber brings a different dimension to rope play. A development on the Activity Net, the Cone Climber offers a more contemporary take on rope play. All of the Cone Climbers have a speed restrictor system built in.

The Cone Climber helps develop cognitive skills as well as encouraging co-ordination and physical motor skills.

The Cone Climber net features 16mm steel wire rope designed into a cone shape. The central post is manufactured from stainless steel, whilst all of the rope connections are aluminium alloy.

This product is TUV certified.

  • Height


  • Max Fall Height


  • Surfacing Required


  • Weight


  • Rope Colours available

    Beige, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black. (Specials available on request.)

  • Product Code


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