1.8m High Spinner with 1.0m Wheel - 4016

Hold on tight and get ready to be put into a spin! Our 1.8m High Spinner with 1.0m Wheel is a fun and exhilarating piece of playground equipment that will have kids zooming around in no time. Users simply have to grab onto the overhead central wheel and start spinning. You can spin as slow or as fast as possible, and you can even spin upside down by looping your legs over the wheel. The faster that you get spun round, the more you’ll get spun out! The 1.8m High Spinner with 1.0m wheel is a great way to develop coordination and balance.

The central column and the top wheel is manufactured from stainless steel, giving a contemporary yet modern feel to the piece of play equipment.

The 1.8m High Spinner also uses our robust bearing system that ensures that maintenance is kept to a minimum.

The column can be powdercoated if required to any of our standard RAL colours.



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