Stainless Steel Sand Digger - 3032

Scoop and dig your way to fun and adventure with our Stainless Steel Sand Digger!

Our Stainless Steel Sand Digger is a great addition to an adventerous playground. It’s made from durable stainless steel that can withstand the elements and it’s easy to maintain. The Stainless Steel Sand Digger rotates around, and also has two movable arms that allows users to dig and scoop and dump. It’s a great tool for helping children learn about co-ordination, teamwork and movement.

There’s a handful of movable bearings that require regular maintenance, if any parts require replacing we hold stock of all components allowing for very quick turnarounds.


  • Height


  • Max Fall Height


  • Surfacing Required

    n/a (1m free space recommended)

  • Weight


  • Product Code


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