Timber Barrel Roundabout - 4018

The faster you spin, the more exciting the ride! Our roundabouts are brilliant at putting you into a spin! The Timber Barrel Roundabout is a true centrepiece item of play equipment. It’s handcrafted wooden top really sets the roundabout apart, and is a great looking piece of play equipment.

The Timber Barrel Roundabout is also wheelchair accessible due to it’s flush frame. There’s a seat built into the roundabout unit so other user’s can share the fun with a wheelchair user at the same time.

All our roundabouts are designed with durability in mind. We utilise robust bearing systems that allow the roundabouts to perform for years and years. As ever with Massey and Harris, we can customize the roundabout tops if you are after something, and if it is not featured in our standard range.

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