Play for Play Partners (B2B)

How we can help your business

We provide our equipment to a wide range of other play companies. There’s numerous reasons for doing so. We offer industry leading guarantees on our equipment and offer great support when you order from us. We have a great range of play equipment that can sit along your companies products. One of the benefits of working with Massey and Harris is that if you’re after something bespoke or require something modifying to our standard product range then we’re willing to help.

Why bespoke matters

If you’re offering is standard play equipment, how can you make your scheme stand out? Well, the answer is that it’s going to be much harder.

Massey and Harris offer a bespoke design service where you can install our bespoke play equipment into your scheme. We’ve manufactured various play towers, themed play equipment such as airplanes, ships, towers and animals.

Outside spaces

Massey and Harris can offer organisations so much more.

Whether it is roundabouts, swing sets, trim trails or durable multi-use sports surfaces, organisations around the world have seen benefits in productivity as well as staff attraction and retention.

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