Playgrounds for hospitality and leisure

Enhancing visitor experience

For hospitality and leisure businesses, a playground is more than just play equipment; it’s an extension of the visitor experience

Massey and Harris’ approach for these clients is to create engaging, safe, and visually appealing playgrounds that enhance the overall ambiance of your venue.


We understand the importance of aligning the playground design with your brand’s image and values, ensuring it adds value to your visitor experience. 

Whether it’s a resort, a restaurant, or a leisure park, we focus on innovative, durable designs that attract families and provide a safe, memorable and enjoyable experience for all.

Windsor Great Park

Massey and Harris also design and manufacture playgrounds and provide elements to other playground manufacturers. 

Much of this is centred on one or all of the following; our ability to design huge, statement destination parks, our expertise in welding and working with steel and our in-house understanding of working with timber and making the most of our adaptable Robinia range.

Find out more about our contribution to the new playscape at Windsor Great Park in conjunction with Capco.

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