New lights make for a bright future

In our continuous drive to improve our productivity and efficiency, we invited the Greater Manchester Business Growth Hub to our head office to discuss upgrading our office and workshop to LED lighting.

Massey and Harris’s director, David Pilgrim, wanted to tackle the poor lighting levels in the production area and reduce energy costs by upgrading to LED lighting. After meeting with Greater Manchester Business Growth Hub, a number of local suppliers were found and, following a full assessment, CorEnergy were selected.

The new lighting has now been fitted and has resulted in a 63 percent energy reduction on lighting saving over £1,400 in annual energy costs. Furthermore, workshop staff have reported noticeably less glare when working with stainless steel helping to improve the overall quality of their work. The colour temperature of the light has also benefited the final polishing process: the old yellow lights hid much of the weld burns but the whiter LED light shows the colour variations ensuring we can see and remove them.

“It looked like a time-consuming and complex process to source new lighting so the Business Growth Hub’s expertise was hugely beneficial for us.  The Low Carbon Network gave us a solid starting point for finding the right supplier and ensured we were supporting the local economy by choosing a company nearby, as well accessing grant funding to help with the initial outlay” – David Pilgrim